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  1. Modern M14
    I finally had time to get to an outdoor range, and stretch her legs. This also the first time this season I was able to make it to Quantico Shooting club. I started on the 100 yard range and made my way up to the 600 yard. I was grouping really well in out till 300. This was the first time I...
  2. Optics
    I am starting some research into what optic i will be purchasing once i graduate in a month and hopefully start making some real money. The purpose of this scope is a SHTF all around RUGGED scope to go onto my 22" loaded M1A to be used at any distance from 25 to possibly 700 + yards given my...
  3. Modern M14
    I've been following the forum for about a year. I have been trying soak up all of the knowledge I can. I have been slowly putting this gun together over the past few months. I finally got the last piece when Clyde's restocked MOD 0s a few weeks ago. SAI Standard M14 Night force 2.5-10x32 ARMS...
  4. Modern M14
    I just order my first high end scope. I picked up a nightforce nxs 2.5-10x32. I have a Basett low mount and Arms 22 rings. I have very little experience mounting scopes. Should I attempt to mount it myself, or have a gunsmith mount it?
1-4 of 4 Results