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  1. Recommend by Sage

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    Hello all! I joined the forum for help and experience with my m1a that I am currently working on. Seem this forum always pops up on my google searches and is filled with pages of useful information. I hope to contribute and learn. About me, I spent 6 years in the Army NG 4 with an infantry...
  2. New Guy got his M1A and took it to the range.

    The M14
    Hello All, In keeping with the tradition that you don't have it until there is a picture, here are two pics. One of her all taken apart for a good scrub and then reassembled on the bench, ready for the safe. She is a SAI Loaded with walnut stock. Rifle came in Thursday evening and I took...
  3. newguy from the Texas Hill Country

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    Just picked up a M1A.and looking to use it on Vltor chassis... Looking to gain enlightenment about the M1A system Doug
  4. New guy from NJ.

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    Hey you all, my name is mike. I am a Army Veteran (Afghan 10-11). Just set up my Jae g3 with a heavy barreled m-25. I have a few questions and some pictures id like you all to take a gander at.
  5. Greetings from Texas!

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    Hey! I'm Reid, and I am new to the forums and do NOT yet own an M1A. I do however love the 7.62 and would like to own this rifle. So, assuming I had an unlimited budget what changes would you guys recommend as to body kits, keeping it original, optics and scopes, etc.? I am open to buying two of...
  6. longtime M1A admirer with poor timing

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    Howdy all. I've always admired the M1A/M14 but only just recently was able to start setting $$$ aside to purchase one. Pretty crappy timing on my part as most stuff is sold out all over the state. Looking for some advise from some folks more familiar than I am with the subject. I have the...
  7. Greetings

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    Hello all, I recently purchased my first Springfield M1A Mod 0 EBR with an 18inch barrel. I'm joining so that I can read the opinions of others on long range shooting and loading. I'd definitely be interested to learn optimum .308 loads of others for a similar set-up. Cheers, Kashi
  8. Just got my first m1a

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    Bought up a standard SA, still at shop, going to get it around Thanksgiving, have a BM-59, and was an M60 gunner in the army, don't hate 5.56s, but really enjoy the extra distance of the 7.62. Got the m1a for $1167 out the door, he sold it new on layaway to a guy who never picked it up...