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  1. Fajen stock and scout handguard for sale

    Now fajen heavy stock all metal included 200$ shipped and a m14ca scout handguard (for medium barrel) never used 175$ best way to reach me is text 2706685926 thanks Jarrett
  2. M1A Loaded EBR to M1A NM Stock?...

    The M14
    I’m gonna ask, though I might get slapped through my screen.... Do I dare relocate my Loaded M1A into a NM stock while keeping the EBR op rod block in place to help secure it? I realize I’ll have to notch out my NM stock but I’m wondering what kind of accuracy I’ll see out of it. Dare I say...
  3. National Match Modified Front Stock Ferrule

    1. National Match Modified Front Stock Ferrule, Wind City Sourcing Part #NM_mFSF - NEW - $15 - SOLD 2. National Match Modified Front Stock Ferrule, Wind City Sourcing Part #NM_mFSF - NEW - $15 - SOLD 3. National Match Modified Front Stock Ferrule, Wind City Sourcing Part #NM_mFSF - NEW - $15 -...
  4. For Sale: Springfield Armory Flash Suppressor

    Hello! I have a flash suppressor from SA for sale. This part came off my SA M1A NM rifle with less than 150 rds shot through it. See pics attached. JUST the flash suppressor, no castle nut, no allen screw, no front sight and no bayonet lug. I have PayPal and Zelle. Asking 25$ + shipping.
  5. New EBR shooting video

    The M14
    Hello everyone! After a long break from taking my camera to the range I decided to make a video last weekend. It's nothing special, just some first person views from my GoPro and then some side shots from my Canon Rebel. BE WARNED: I had just bought active ear pro that Monday and was so...
  6. Disassembled brand new NM (bedded) rifle...quesitons

    Don't flame me here, but I always disassemble a new firearm to see how they're lubed prior to first firing them. Plus, I picked up a USGI slotted handguard that I wanted to try to fit, so I carefully broke down the rifle - it actually came apart very easily. I'd say the trigger group and...
  7. SA M1A NM

    National Match s/n 175xxx. Total round count =393. Includes 1-SA 10 rd mag, 2-new CMI 20 rd mags, 1-20 rd mag SA or GI not sure. Also, cotton sling, 3 stripper clips and spoon, 1 chamber brush, cleaning rod and combination tool, and cleaning DVD. This rifle has been a safe queen since 12/12...
  8. Need help with "fajen" national match stock

    I purchased a Fajen stock via gunbroker. http://www.gunbroker.com/item/586142397 I received it today however I am having difficulty identifying the wood. It doesn't appear to be any walnut I have seen. No one at my school could identify the type either(I currently attend the Colorado School of...
  9. M14 Videos

    Modern M14
    Seeing that the M14 pictures forum is running strong I thought It'd be a good idea to start a thread focused on sharing videos! I share my range trip videos on here every once in awhile and figured I'm not the only one recording my shooting, so I'll start it off. Here's a video I recently made...
  10. EBR; Iron Sights or Holo/Red Dot?

    Modern M14
    Hello all! Recently I have purchased an EOTech 551 for my EBR. I am wondering what is the best for MY EBR? I like both irons and Holo but what do you guys think? I mostly use this gun for close in (less than 200yds) shooting. Yes I know a NM is beset used out further but I don't want to buy a...
  11. Sage Chassis M1A NM $3200 obo

    Please buy my safe queen. I have a Sage Chassis M1A NM. I bought it because I love my loaded so much but just don't shoot it as much as the loaded. Now I reluctantly have decided to give her to a better home. I am the second owner. Total round count is under 400. Only feed her fgmm 168's. And...
  12. SAI rear sight upgrade

    The M14
    Hello! I joined the forum 6 months ago but this is my first post. I have a Springfield Armory 'Loaded' M1A and I love it. I realized that a majority of the NM parts are already on the rifle. I want to upgrade the aperture and get 1/2 MOA on both knobs to get a full NM rifle (or closer to it)...
  13. EBR YouTube Review

    Modern M14
    Hello people of the M14 Forum, I recently made a review of my Springfield M1A NM seated in the SAGE EBR chassis after 1,000rds and 1 year of ownership. I'd like your opinions and feedback if you don't mind! Feel free to comment/critique/discuss on my video...
  14. M14 NM sight base

    I have a used M14 NM rear sight base for sale. Price is $50.00
  15. Want To Buy: M14 NM flash hider

    Want To Buy
    Im looking for a NM Flash Hider, if someone would be willing to trade for some silver coins. I would consider usgi or commercial anything forged.
  16. Loaded Or National Match For First M1A?

    The M14
    Sorry if this has been covered, but I tried the search function and didn't have any success. I'm about to take the plunge into M1A world. I'd like to get an out-of-the-box rifle that won't need much in the way of mods to be reliable or accurate, and won't break the bank (so an LRB is not...
  17. New firearm owner and M1A owner

    New Member Introductions
    Mississippi newbie here. I just got hooked on the hobby after some friends asked me to go shooting with them in November and December. Bought my first handgun in Jan of this year(Beretta M9) and just bought my first rifle last weekend(M1A)! I had been wanting a rifle ever since going out with...
  18. Need help M1A S.N.

    Modern M14
    I have a SA mdl M1A 7.62mm with a sn 005012. Cannot locate any info on how it was sold. The stock is glass beaded,nm on windage and elevation, nm .062 on front sight. Barrel stamped SAK-7791362-8-72-6068808. National Match??? Any info would be greatly appricated.
  19. Want To Buy: handguard for Springfield NM

    Want To Buy
    Plastic, fiberglass or?? Just as long as it fits correctly on the med heavy barrel of a national match rifle. No cob jobs please. I can try that myself...
  20. Best Grease for National Match?

    The M14
    Hi, I would like to know what the best grease would be for a NM with a SS barrel. I live in upstate NY where the rifle will be exposed to 20-90 degree weather. it will also more than likely be exposed to rain/snow from time to time. It also must be able to stand up to heat from rapid fire. I've...