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    5. SEI Hooded Gas Lock Front Sight - O.I.F. Version - Part #2012 GLFS-H - NEW - $75 Shipped - SOLD 6. SEI Dovetail Gas Lock Front Sight - Part #2011 GLFS-D-22 - NEW - $75 Shipped - SOLD Please reply with "I'll take it" followed by a PM (Private Message) for payment information. Payment Terms...
  2. Are muzzle/crown protectors really necessary?

    The M14
    If I am careful while inserting the cleaning rod from the muzzle end, do I really need to buy a protector for the crown? I know that I can also use a spent 12ga shotgun shell for protecting the crown, but again, is that needed if I am careful. I am curious how many M1A owners here actually use...