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  1. SPF
    I've had this setup for a while and never used the stock itself other than mounting the action into it. Its new for all practical purposes. The hand guard on the other hand is used and was used on my rifle for a while but is in good working condition and has all the hardware and attachments...
  2. SPF
    SOLD RARE Foliage Green Vltor M1S M14 Stock System Originally came with CTR stock, added STR stock, comes with BOTH and has added bipod mount point that wasn't originally included and Vltor Fast Attach sling mount as well RETAIL PRICE: 514.95 + Additional Magpul stock at 99.99 + Sling mount...
  3. SPF
    Looking for PayPal (discrete gift or +3%) or money order Barely used Black Vltor Modstock. $400 Shipped SPF Two small marks under the front band that don't show when mounted. Great condition, and a great stock. I just decided to go with the Troy MCS instead. Additional Images The marks on...
1-3 of 3 Results