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  1. Sage EBR MOD1 stock

    Greetings all, I am selling my Sage stock pictured below. It is in great condition and includes a comfortable Ergo palm shelf grip BUT, it is missing the following parts. - EBR op rod guide block (3 op rod guide screws included with stock) - side & bottom picatinny rails - Kydex handguard -...
  2. My M14 - Black MC Sage Mod 1 Stock

    Modern M14
    Good evening, folks! I finally have my rifle in a condition where I wanted to share it! This rifle started as a SOCOM II with extended cluster rail. After playing around with the wood stock traditional look, I picked up an NM rifle from Jon Wolfe, so I thought I would make this one modern...
  3. Mk14 Mod1 rails dimensions

    Modern M14
    I'm working on a Mk14 Mod 1 clone. I already have the coyote Kydex short handguards, however need the longer side rails and the taller lower rail since Sage discontinued them a while back and don't seem to have them in stock anymore (I called them a few weeks back and they do not have anymore in...
  4. Finished my Mod 1 build today

    Modern M14
    I bought a surplus Sage Mod 0 stock that was pretty well worn having just come back from the sandbox. I have a Springfield Scout in a Navy Seal Grey Mod 0 already, so I vacillated on whether or not to keep the surplus one, even listed it in the PX. In the meantime, I ended up picking...
  5. For Sale: SAGE EBR Mod 1 AR15 Style M14ALCS/CV Black Stock ***WITHDRAWN***

    WTS: SAGE EBR Mod 1 ish AR15 Style M14ALCS/CV Black with 6 screw top cover rail for standard weight barrels. This one has been used as it evidenced by the shiny spots picked up by the flash. The Kydex Handguard, Magpul CTR, Rare 1.25" Cheek Riser, and Tango Down grip are all Brand New and...