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  1. Want To Buy: Sage MOD 0 chassis

    Want To Buy
    Found a chassis. Thanks! Eric
  2. Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40 LR/T Matte, M3 Mildot 58150 for MK14 Mod 0

    Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40 LR/T Matte, M3 Mildot 58150 absolutely brand new in box, only removed for pictures. This is the model that was fielded on the MK14 Mod 0 EBR. Included are the .308 turrets (mounted), as well as 300 Win Mag and .223 turrets. Also included are the Leupold scope covers...
  3. Gauging Interest: New Production Run of Sage Int'l Original Grip for Mod 0

    Modern M14
    I spoke with Sage International about producing their original grip for the EBR Mod 0 stock (ALCS). Sage would manufacture them from the original mold. While the final cost of the new pistol grip is unknown, I would put an estimated price at around $65 each. Are you interested in ordering...
  4. NSG Sage Mod 0 Buttstock assembly only

    WTS: NSG Sage Mod 0 Buttstock assembly only in like new condition. I accept PayPal +4% or Gift or USPS Money Orders only $285 shipped ***SOLD*** Thanks, jkacg1
  5. Troy / Rock SOPMOD - New Rifle!

    Modern M14
    Hello All, For the last 6 months I've been looking for a .308 battle rifle to round out my collection. I wanted a 16-18" barreled gun which would also maintain reasonable accuracy. I looked into a 16" DSA FAL, and had actually come to an agreement to purchase one until the events of the last...
  6. Sage EBR Mod 0 Buttstock Assemby

    This is the Sage International EBR Mod 0 Butt stock Assembly Only, completely mechanically functional (fully adjustable LOP and Cheekrest) in surplus condition. I have taken pictures to show wear. $135 shipped. ***SOLD*** Thanks, jkacg1
  7. Sage EBR Mod 0 Black Used - $725 shipped

    I've got a used black Sage EBR Mod 0 stock for sale. Has some scuffs, but nothing major. Will put a brand new black kydex handguard on it before I ship it out. I also have the rail mount for the kydex to mount a foregrip, $55 value. Only the chassis and foregrip mount is included in this...
  8. Black Sage EBR Mod 0

    This is a new, never mounted Sage EBR Mod 0. Here's the catch: I bought this a while back and put it in the closet. When it was time to pull it out, I realized it had some slight damage, but I was well outside my return policy. The hard rubber butt pad has a small crack, and the rails...
  9. Springfield M1A Socom II w/ Sage EBR Mod 0 Chassis

    The SOCOM Rifle
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPnELzFysHA Can you fellas watch this and give it a thumbs up on Youtube for me? I would really appreciate it guys. Comments/opinions are always welcome! Thanks!
  10. M1A Scout + Sage ACLS Mod0? $2300

    SA Inc. Scout ~ 400 rounds fired currently installed in Sage Int. Mod 0 Stock Both Chassis and Rifle are slightly used but in excelent condition, New Sage stocks are near imposible to get at this point since the manufacturer is no longer accepting orders from commercial vendors due to...