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  1. Steel and Wood
    I wanted to get a 5.56 rifle and just couldn't bring myself to get the AR-15 so I decided to get a mini 14. Almost finished with my mini 14 now. All that is left is parkerizing which im doing this Friday. And upgraded adjustable rear sight or M14 style side mounted scope mount with scope plus...
  2. Steel and Wood
    No wood, but I was definitely going for the "classic" look here. "Before" Pictures: "After" Pictures: I decided to give LaFawnduh a new hairdo. So, here's what I did: 1. Bought a Fiberglass M14 upper handguard from TreelineM14. 2. Chopped the back end of the handguard off until...
  3. BX
    I have a lightly used Tapco Intrafuse Mini-14/Mini-30 stock and Ruger factory parts (I shot about 200 rounds while the stock was installed). Intrafuse Stock with Top Barrel Cover and Bottom Rail Cover (and all the mounting screws) Straight and Angled Buttstock Tubes Buttstock with Recoil Pad...
  4. BX
    I have a Brand New Factory Ruger Black Sythetic Stock that came off of my Mini 14 Tactical as soon as I bought it ($60 SHIPPED) and 2 Brand New Ruger Factory 5 Round Magazines ($30 SHIPPED). Paypal or M.O. only please! PM me if interested!
1-4 of 5 Results