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  1. Question about Gunsmiths in Texas

    I have a long history of working with CAD, and CNC Mills/Lathes, as well as building Air-Rifles, back in the 1980s (and some very minor work on a couple of firearms as well). And I have built all kinds of custom stocks, from the 80s to mid-90s, when I had an "accident" (re: among other things...
  2. Mini-14 style handguard for M1a

    The M14
    For some reason I've always loved the way the Mini-14 handguard looks and I would like to have one on my M1A. Does anybody know if something like this has ever been manufactured? To be more specific, I am talking about the handguard that is half-ventilated in the front and covers the op rod in...
  3. Make your Mini-14 sexier!

    Steel and Wood
    No wood, but I was definitely going for the "classic" look here. "Before" Pictures: "After" Pictures: I decided to give LaFawnduh a new hairdo. So, here's what I did: 1. Bought a Fiberglass M14 upper handguard from TreelineM14. 2. Chopped the back end of the handguard off until...
  4. Ruger Mini-30, 3-9x scope, laminate stock

    189 series Ruger Mini-30 Ranch Rifle 7.62x39 caliber Blued with factory scope rings and factory Green/Black laminate stock 18.5" barrel, post and leaf sights, one Ruger 20 round magazine (I may have several other magazines that would be included if I can find them) Bushnell 3-9x 32mm scope...