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  1. Ammunition
    For those that don’t reload or can’t find the time anymore, I’m taking a chance on this Magtech 168 grain HPBT sniper match ammo from sgammo. I’ll post an accuracy thread once it comes in and compare it to some Sierra match. Sounds like good stuff and I’ve pasted the link below. 400 rounds...
  2. Ammunition
    Hey everyone - Signed up for my FIRST match since I was 15. Match is 12/12. Started checking out different match grade loads and saw this on sale today at Cabelas. Anyone have any experience? *Edit - I did a forum search and saw mostly reloading-related stuff.
  3. Rifle Competition
    So, I finally got to try my hand at 3-gun for the first time. I've been meaning to for the last year at least but two young kiddos have made range time difficult, let alone competitive matches. Sorry for the length. Hopefully it's helpful to anyone interested in 3-gun matches. Anyway, ran...
  4. Ammunition
    Hello from a newbie. I saw on the interweb that CMP is now selling 308 ammo. Anyone else tried it yet? It is made by a company called Atomic. Their website says its made in America. 200 rounds of match grade 308 with Nosler Bullets. I cut and pasted this description from CMP. .308 caliber...
  5. Stock
    I originally had three of the oversize national match birch stocks, new, in the white. These are the stocks that are 2 1/2" wide right in front of the receiver, tapering to 2" at the ferrule. They are right at the max for HP NM competition. Were made by Reinhart Fajen in the late 80's/early...
  6. The M14
    Well, I now have a m21 with a 6x40 scope. I'm not much of a match shooter, but may get into it down the road. Anyways, would anyone field the m21 as an MBR? How about the availability of match .308/7.62x51 in a stressful situation?
1-6 of 12 Results