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  1. Lever Action
    Does anyone know which years they made the 336 XLR in 35 remington? Also - when did the XLR model with the 2-tone laminate first show up at all by Marlin? Was it in the early 2000s? The 35 remington 336XLR I'm looking at seems to have a serial starting in 98 (making it a 2002 model) Does that...
  2. Rimfire
    I see alot of 10/22 fans, would never knock them but here's the guy I grew up with! -17 round tube -auto-open on last shot -tech sights give a M1a style peep view. -optional cheap winchester bipod Love this gun!
  3. Lever Action
    Bought one a few months ago, I think it's great, especially considering the price. Unfortunately I haven't been able to really plink with it yet, just bench shooting. I've had an issue with rounds not feeding properly/lever not cycling properly, but when I went home and played with it, it...
1-3 of 4 Results