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  1. SPF
    Good evening all, I have a bunch of 30rd magazines for sale. The condition of the mags are good to excellent, the followers are a bit dirty on some but that is about it. They come in a variety of Colt, magpul, USGI, etc. (10) tan anti-tilt followers, (8) USGI green followers and (4) Magpul mags...
  2. Modern M14
    What tactical snacks can fit in a magpul acs stock
  3. Pay It Forward
    Greetings everyone, I am giving away a magpul 0.75" cheek riser for magpul MOE and CTR stocks, for the price of shipping. Its in great shape and would make a great addition if you have one of the following stocks but need a better line of sight to your optic. $5 paypal gift or postal money...
  4. PX
    Hey All, Have a New Sage EBR Fixed Stock Conversion Kit (M14ALCS/CVFS) with a Magpul 870 Shotgun Stock for us poor saps in Commiefornia that don't want to deal with the bullet button BS. The stock will come with spacers to adjust for LOP & all 3 comb height inserts. Pics.... On the...
  5. BX
    Hey All, Got some quality AR gear thats been sitting in my safe.... -Magpul MOE AR Grip, New rifle take off---- SOLD -Magpul 5.56 Magazine coupler, New in Box---- $17 Shipped -Magpul Gen2 .308 Magazine---- SOLD (Can only ship to LEO or out of state). -Glacier Guard handguards- Fully...
  6. BX
    I have a like new Magpul handguard for sale. I bought the handguard last month along with four extra rails and installed it onto my AR. I just received a YHM Free-Float quad rail as a gift from my brother, so I'm replacing it. The extra rails are: 1x 5 slot 1x 7 slot 2x 11 slot They can be...
1-6 of 6 Results