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  1. SOLD! USGI M14 mags

    Want To Buy
    FOUND Looking for 6 to 12 USGI shooter quality 20rd magazines. ($20-$25 each) While I have no history on this forum, I do on the CMP forum and the Carolinafirearmsforum. (Recently purchased an M1a from a member on this forum, now need some additional mags). Regards, Corey
  2. PISTOL MODEL Star BM--someone asked about mine...

    ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED. THANKS. I've lost some messages somewhere. Someone here had asked me to notify them if/when I decided to dispose of my Star BM, which at the time I had no intention of doing. Well, it was a super-select piece I picked up and loaded for on the presumption I'd...
  3. ProMag Magazines Fall Right Out of My M1A

    The M14
    Hello All, Brand new forum member here, and I actually registered tonite hoping to get some help with these. Went to a gun show and bought two new-in-the-box ProMag M1A/M14 20rd mags. Paid just under $50 for the pair. No receipt provided and don't recall the name of the vendor. Spent a little...
  4. 30rd M14/M1A mags

    Greetings everyone, I have 5 magazines for sale, cosmeticly they are fair but function great. They each hold 30 rounds and appear to have a parkerized finish. I am not sure of their origin but hopefully the pictures help. For $60 paypal (gift option) they will be shipped to your doorstep where...
  5. Production dates of M14 mags

    This has become of great importance in NYS where high cap mags can only be registered if they are "antique", which is defined as 50 years old. What information & references are available to confirm that W marked mags (Westinghouse) were made in 1961? Where can I learn production dates of mags...
  6. For Sale: Leupold Scope, AR Parts, Red Dot, Bipod, and more!

    Going through my extra parts storage and the wife says it's time to clean it out, so here are all of my extra parts, hopefully they can go to use for someone. 1. Leupold 3-9x40mm Rifleman Scope Great condition with light scope-ring marks. I have the box and papers with it. Very clear glass...
  7. For Sale: New

  8. M14 Mag Collection Plus Accessories

    No longer need the 20 round sticks and looking to sell them. I would prefer to sell the whole lot in one fell swoop. I have 9 M14 mags to sell. I would like to get $400 for them shipped priority mail. OM (2) BRW S-1 (6) UHC (1) No rust, no digs, some look like they just came out of the...
  9. m14 magazines for sale

    Want To Buy
    Does anyone have a good source for magazines? I would like to buy 3 or 4. thanks, Bailee Semper FI
  10. AR-15 Mag blueprints

    M16 AR15
    AR-15 Mag blueprints. Anybody have these in .pdf, scanned .jpeg, .tiff or .png files? Or know where to get them? Thank you.
  11. They went fast