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  1. Ammunition
    What is the consensus for the best mags to use for M14 clones? I have a Bula Defense M14. It came w/ one mag, so I'm obviously in a magazine deficit. Are the ProMags worth getting? Will Springfield mags work in other M14 clones? Advice? Thanks.
  2. SPF
    Looking to sell these as they were purchased in anticipation of a weapons purchase that never happened. Brand new never used. I think I purchased them from Brownells but it was a while ago an I do not remember. Just found them in the back of my safe. $70 for the lot of 4. I hope someone needs or...
  3. SPF
    Greetings all, If you are reading this I hope you and your family are healthy and safe. I am selling 2 USGI mags and a mystery mag with no markings, the mystery mag is very robust and does not seem poorly manufactured. They are used but in great shape as you can tell from the pictures. I can...
  4. SPF
    Good evening all, I have a bunch of 30rd magazines for sale. The condition of the mags are good to excellent, the followers are a bit dirty on some but that is about it. They come in a variety of Colt, magpul, USGI, etc. (10) tan anti-tilt followers, (8) USGI green followers and (4) Magpul mags...
  5. Ammunition
    Hello Everyone! I'd like to take a quick moment to introduce myself (I'm sure some of you may have dealt with me in the past 3 years). My name is Brandon and I handle the Commercial Sales division at Check-Mate Industries. I'm here to answer any questions you may have on our mags or M14 mags in...
  6. SPF
    (SOLD!) As the title states. Each has maybe one mag's worth fired through it, lot of life left in them. Do not need, and just looking to send them off to a new home. Paypal gift preferred. Solid gunbroker feedback. Thank you.
  7. Ammunition
    I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the National Magazine brand 30 round magazines for the M14. I don't see a lot of 30 rnd mags for sale, mostly 20/10 and 5's for the M14. Is there a reason for this? Do they not feed well ? One might think in this modern time of "gun grabbing and...
  8. Ammunition
    A couple years back I had bought a box of various mags and multi tools at an auction. Most of the stuff has been fairly decent; however, two M1A mags have been nothing but trouble. They have no markings, only five spot welds on the front, and a plastic follower. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. BX
    2 brand new and 6 used $150.method of payment is PayPal only. [URL=http://s1314.photobucket.com/user/Jacob_Sventko/media/jpeg_zps7116fe02
  10. Ammunition
    Gents, as title reads. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/check-mate-industries-inc-m14-m1a-20rd-magazine-7790183.html First post I've ever done on any forum. Hope this gets someone here a decent deal...$29.99/ea Not affiliated in any way with PSA. I just bought two and though I'd...
  11. BX
    New Surefire 60 round magazine in the packaging. I paid $150 plus shipping. Asking $200.
  12. PX
  13. BX
    SPF I overbought from Dire88 by 10 mags, so they're for sale. I have them in my possession. See http://m14forum.com/bx/128166-colt-ar15-mags-round-3-a.html. I just want what I paid for them, which is $200. I'll ship for free (within reason). I don't want to ship them as a rebuild kit, so I...
  14. SPF
    Prices, include delivery, CONUS. **The magazines I listed as Winchester (2nd set of 3, pictured), I am researching, as to their authenticity. I listed them as Wnchester, due to the W on the spine. I will continue to research and, even post pictures as soon as possible. I don't want to sell...
  15. Ammunition
    Did not know where else to put this so I doing it here in Ammo. Anyone buy or use "W" marked M14 mags? I believe that they are Westinghouse made and GI. They look good and the two that I have tried funtioned well. Saw them for sale for under $20 at a few online stores and I am thinking of...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, glad to be a new member. Also glad to be the owner of a new M1A Squad Scout. I have the black stock. I am looking to know what bi pod would be the best for the money for my rifle. Also, are any after market mags worth buying or should i just stick to the high dollar factory mags...
  17. PX
    For sale: CMI 5 round mag - gently used - perfect for hunting 22 shipped email: [email protected]
  18. PX
    For sale: Sold Pending funds! -- (8) 20 Round CMI mags - hardly used, all function perfect, only very minor handling marks on the powercoat All 8 shipped CONUS UPS for $175.00 http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh119/schmit55/IMG_0075.jpg STILL AVAILABLE ! (1) 5 Round CMI mag - for...
1-19 of 28 Results