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  1. Reference
    Hey guys, forgive me if I missed a thread about different mag makers marks, but I got this funky mag that I’ve never seen. Looks like an Apex/Kileen colab? Thoughts?
  2. Ammunition
    Did not know where else to put this so I doing it here in Ammo. Anyone buy or use "W" marked M14 mags? I believe that they are Westinghouse made and GI. They look good and the two that I have tried funtioned well. Saw them for sale for under $20 at a few online stores and I am thinking of...
  3. Modern M14
    I have a Polytech M14S and my question is can I fit it into the EBR with out any issues? I am thinking of Picking up the Sage EBR. Thank you for your help and opinions. On a note as well does any one make Polymer mags for the m14/m1a? My Polytech HATES steel mags, won't ever function right but...
1-3 of 10 Results