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  1. US Bolt action sniper rifles
    Testing out a new steel target today. The metal legs never really last on these store-bought targets but the AR500 steel stood up pretty well. Weapon: M24 SWS, 200 Yards Ammo: XM118LR & M80 Targets: Torso measures 7.25” x 12” w/2.375” head width. 10” width gong. The torso @200 yards...
  2. Accuracy
    More fun testing with the M80 today. Remington 700 LTR shot well. About 1.86 MOA. The LTR is the full system (case, bipod, Mk4, etc) less the can. The ammo did well and it showed no odd marks/damage/etc except what’s pictured. I believe the ammo is slightly tarnished so I was expecting some...
  3. Ammunition
    If you have a good load/round for 300AAC using true M80 bullets, I’d really be appreciative if you could share. I picked up some NOS M80 147 grain bullets and would like to work a load. I picked up the M80 bullets so I can reload M80 and 300 AAC from the same bullet stock. Also, if you have a...
1-3 of 4 Results