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  1. Gunsmithing
    So I went a little nuts last night on the M40 build. Original intent was to use the JbWood Weld for a tan color and only focus on the recoil lug. Well, after a first go, there was very little contact... I did a second go with the wood weld and it solidified in a couple minutes and I couldn’t...
  2. USMC M40 Rifle
    So I’ve installed the Shilen match barrel, reamed the chamber with a match reamer to proper headspace and lapped and installed the scope rings and mount. Head spacing is gtg and she’s been cleaned up and fully assembled! All that’s left is to cut/crown to proper length, float the stock a bit...
  3. USMC M40 Rifle
    Finally started my M40 build. Have had all the parts for awhile but a PCS move and dad duties have put it off a couple years. Got my garage worked over a bit and pulled everything out of it’s long hybernation. Got as far as inspecting, cleaning and lapping the lugs. I shouldn’t have had to...
1-3 of 3 Results