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  1. Norinco M305 Stovepiping with full scope rail

    The M14
    Hi. I'm recently purchased a new to me Norinco M305, had mine about 3 months now. Only had it out to the range a couple times so far, and it keeps stove piping. I've been running American Eagle 150gr FMJ's through it, and they are shooting reasonably well besides the FTE 1 out of every 2 5 round...
  2. Quick question about bi-pod placement.

    The M14
    Hello all, I have recently acquired a Norinco M305/M14 Short Barrel. To gain some stability on the range I bid on an e-bay mid range folding bipod with universal barrel adapter. I was surprised to find that the quality of this item was very, very good and was excited to add this to the firearm...
  3. Whats the best?????

    The M14
    Sorry new here!!! this could be a stupid question? haha Whats the best norinco m305, polytech m14s, or springfield arms m1a I have heard many different things about all of them just wondering if you guys could help me choose one to buy thanks