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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I'm the proud owner of a M21 rifle made in December 1996 with a Douglas Match Barrel. I bought it at the end of the 20th century. I have the two screw scope mount fitted with the Springfield 4-14x56 Ranging scope. Retired a couple of years ago and fell into the F-Class vortex though...
  2. The M14
    Has anyone got any photos of actual M21 receiver markings? And no, I don't mean XM21, but specifically the M21. I've heard the M14NM markings were ground off and re-engraved over with "M21", but I've never seen any actual photographic confirmation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Modern M14
    SA M1A receiver and M21 stock Kreiger 1-10 medium weight match barrel M14.ca hand guard and CASM scope mount (Gen II, steel) Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-16x44 FFP scope and Pro rings (low) USGI unitized (welded) front band & gas cylinder ShootingSight RPS Trigger and Hammer Sadlak spring guide...
  4. Gunsmithing
    So I have gone with the McMillan M1A stock for my M21 Build. Bought it from a member and it is new in the box. McMillan ships these already to be bedded but with no metal. There is no butt plate, or screw holes for the butt plate. No holes for the front and/or rear sling swivel. There...
  5. Modern M14
    Hi all. Just another FNG here with some questions. Pardon my ignorance and stupid questions. I just got A M21. This is my second Springfield. The first was a Squad Scout. I missed it and was so impressed with the performance I decided to to find another. The M21 was not my first choice but could...
  6. Stock
    Who produces/sells the M21 Springfield stocks? Thanks, -Kirk
  7. The M14
    Well, after eight long months, I finally completed my M21 project! Learned a lot, and now will start reloading for this monster. Any thoughts, concerns comments are very welcome. ARMY1
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm new to not just the forum but M1A's in general. Recently I purchased a Springfield Armory M21. While I've shot a friends standard and SOCOM, he is my leading experties at this point, I have some unanswered questions about the M21 (would apply to a Super Match as well)...
  9. The M14
    Well, I now have a m21 with a 6x40 scope. I'm not much of a match shooter, but may get into it down the road. Anyways, would anyone field the m21 as an MBR? How about the availability of match .308/7.62x51 in a stressful situation?
1-9 of 12 Results