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  1. M1 gauges and tools, $80.00

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks. No more need for this stuff. Someone might want it for $80.00 shipped. Best way to contact me is via e-mail, particularly now as I close out all this stuff. PM's may be full, and some folks tell me lots of them do not get through at all. I do...
  2. M1907 "fatigued" leather slings, RIA 1941

    These are sold out, pending funds. I have lots of M1907's, including a brass-hooked, unmarked one at this same price, if interested, but these fatigued jobs are all spoken for, pending funds, and this will be marked sold, probably by FRIDAY. I have LOTS of M1907's, and in fact over the...
  3. For Sale: M1 barrels .30/06 M1 Garand WILSON ARMS

    These are bead blasted, new standard GI profile 24" 1 turn in twelve. Don't have many, wound up with them primarily by mistake. Long story! Wilson Arms, no longer made. I have pretty much the "world supply", which still isn't many. Seems to be a total of five!! Anyway, these are fine, fine...