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  1. The M14
    I have a Springfield M1a with the ground off bayonet lug. I have one with a bayonet lug to replace it. using the castle nut pliers is it possible to remove the flash hider or do i need to get the services of gunsmith.....looks like its pressed on...any advise folks?? Tony Brown
  2. The M14
    I ordered the butt stock cleaning kit from SAI. The cloth bag for the cleaning rods was dry rotted...the pull tab came off......the ratchet chamber brush looked like it had the red mud of Vietnam spattered on it....Couldn't believe they shipped it like this.....and as i expected these item do...
  3. LRB Arms
    After several months in production, we are happy to announce a limited inventory of McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks. These stocks are available for individual purchase, or to be used on a build. Remember, McMillan stock must be glass bedded. Click here for complete description.
  4. The SOCOM Rifle
    Hey. Any one had that experience stock socom 16 CQB M1A is compatible on 22 and 18 inch barre models of M1A SA ? Does anyone knows where can I buy one ?
  5. Modern M14
    Hey everyone I would like to spend maximum $10000 ( without scope cost) on a custom rifle M14 style Please make a list of parts that you know from the best manufacturers such as barrels, receivers , stocks ...... I have a couple of M14 and M1A already . I want you guys opinions to build a...
  6. Modern M14
    Hey everyone Is that really matter to have a receiver forged or cast ? While you are shooting less than 15000 rounds with it ? While you're not using it in war condition In aluminium is a big difference but is there any big difference in steel ? Can someone help me here who's making forged...
  7. Optics
    Hi all, I am going to mount a SIG Tango 4 scope on my M1A loaded (Archangel Stock). The mount is a Springfield Armory 4th Gen Steel mount. Questions: What height rings? The Tango 4 has a 2" objective bell Should I consider QD rings/mount? Any information much appreciated. Bobby
  8. The M14
    What is the name of the composite from which these rifles are made? It's some grade of carbon fiber in resin in the Stocks. What resin is used in M14 & M1A stocks?
  9. Modern M14
    Hello, I've recently decided to begin building an M1A EBR for long range shooting, and hunting purposes. The longest shot I will take will probably be around 500 yards, but I want to build a rifle that will perform well past that for years to come. While looking for information online, I found...
  10. Modern M14
    Alright the chassis material has been decided on. However that is only the beginning. Other than chassis material there are physical changes that will be made to the chassis. In terms of aesthetics only some of them will slightly change the appearance of the Sopmod V2 in comparison to the Troy...
  11. LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  12. Gunsmithing
    Hello all, I am planning on a special rifle project and I need some good advices by some of you experts. What I am basically trying to achieve is an M1A rifle chambering .35 Whelen to use it for hunting. Since this caliber is nothing more than a necked up .30-06 a Garand/BM59 receiver should...
  13. LRB Arms
    FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI. In used/fair condition. Shows heavy service wear-dings, nicks, pitting on muzzle end. These are same parts LRB refurbishes and uses on rifle builds...$49.95
  14. New Member Introductions
    Greetings and good morning from eastern WV! Been lurking for a while and finally had a question for which I couldn't find an answer, so I pulled the trigger on registering. Already asked the question down in the ammo forum, because (I'll admit it) I didn't read the instructions asking for a...
  15. Ammunition
    Greetings and Happy Almost-4th! First post here (longtime lurker), so I'd just like to say how helpful this site often is - and how you guys seem like pretty good fellers. That intro being said, I'm trying to figure out a plan of attack for long-term usage of my M1A, and I have a question about...
  16. LRB Arms
    SCOPE RINGS - TPS - TSR Series, 30mm Medium Height (1.075"). Machined from an alloy steel billet. Black Oxide finish to Mil-C-13924 standards. Large, clamp-nut lets you torque rings to M1913 (Picatinny) bases. Fits perfectly on LRB Arms M25 Receiver rail.
  17. LRB Arms
    Screw & Glue Gas Cylinder - AMU Method. Includes spindle valve assembly.....$239.95
  18. Steel and Wood
    So probably the best promo email I've ever received. Got an email promo that stated BM-59 Bayonet and was hooked when I saw the price. Now I have a Bayonet for my M1 Garand, M1A, AR-15 and BM59. DI5 Whatcha think!?!
41-59 of 192 Results