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  1. The M14
    Ok so i went on a buying spree and picked up a few M14 wood stocks. well my question is why would my SAI 0218xx receiver not sit flush with the stock? the TG locks up as it should with the same force as the factory installed stock. The rear of the receiver sits about 1/8" above the stock. Has...
  2. Optics
    I recently purchased myself an M1A NM SS barrel etc etc.. I want to mount a scope on her for long range shooting. (i.e past 800 yards.) I have looked into a few of the options at hand and seen the McCann pop up several times, the Sadlak and a few others. I would be curious on the input. Keep in...
  3. The M14
    Sorry new here!!! this could be a stupid question? haha Whats the best norinco m305, polytech m14s, or springfield arms m1a I have heard many different things about all of them just wondering if you guys could help me choose one to buy thanks
  4. Modern M14
    Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for! I'm going to my gun shop and finally picking up my first M1A! I ordered a Springfield M1A Loaded MA9226 from Bud's (great price and service...so far). I got the black synthetic version because I plan on taking off the stock and dropping it into...
  5. Modern M14
    Hey guys i recently purchased an M1a EBR online and i also picked up my trijicon Acog sight. i put it on a GDI mount and i just got back from the range today to sight it in and i had NO LUCK. There were a bunch of army sniper guys there and i asked one to help me out (he was an older guy) After...
  6. Broken Arrow
    Let's pretend that we have two 308(7.62 NATO) battle rifles (no optics). One M1 Garand and one semi-auto M14. Both are built perfectly to spec, and have flawless parts that interface impeccably. But wait, China, North Korea, Iran and Barak Obama have formed an unholy union contrived to replace...
  7. Modern M14
    Just got my brand new Socom 2 rifle. i absolutely love it. Thing looks awesome and works flawlessly. Just wondering however if it would be possible to fit a full length barrel on this gun, and if I did would it still function correctly? This is just a kind of a theoretical question, just...
  8. New Member Introductions
    name matt new to the forums. 8 years active duty marine corps still going strong and a huge m1a fan. currently building up a dream m1a battle rifle for my self using a jae and socom 2 platform. ill post pictures as soon as i finish it. have fun all
181-188 of 192 Results