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  1. SOLD! Boyd's M14/M1A stock for OEM M1A black synthetic stock

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  2. SPF USGI M14 Wood Match Stock Price Drop SPF

    Sold- Pending Funds I have for sale a never installed but now new USGI M14 wood match stock. I believe this is from the 1980s and may be beech or birch. It is the very fat, last version with cutout for rear lug. I think it was routed out for bedding and never bedded. It had a finish on it when...
  3. For Trade: J.Allen G3 stock

    Gen 3 stock in coyote brown with swat black cheek rest, butt plate, and grip. Off hand rest, palm rest, bottom 6in rail, flush cups, side rail mounts, barrel tensioner,adj. cheek rest. This stock fits standard m1a, never been used, still in box. I am looking to trade for a Sage EBR chassis ...
  4. Walnut Stock

    SOLD For Sale: 1 Walnut M1A/M14 rifle stock. This stock comes off a Springfield Armory M1A NM. If has one circled (P) mark on the grip but is void of any other marking. The stock has the selector cut out in the rear as well as the following cut that extends to about where the charging handle...