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  1. New reader with a lot of questions

    Modern M14
    Hi from Nor. CA Been lurking here over the last week or so to learn what I can. I got into firearms over the last year and got an AR15. Went to a buddy's ranch where he introduced me to his SAI M1A Scout Squad and I knew this is what I really want so I'm saving to get one soon. After being on...
  2. M1A Scout over pressure at "normal" load

    There are lots of old posts about the right load for an M1A Scout 18" barrel. I had been using 43gr IMR4895 under 168gr HPBT from Hornady with Winchester LPR primers. My brass is mixed - hornady, winchester, lc (with reamed pockets), PMC. What concerns me are the flattened primers. Isn't this...
  3. New M1a Scout

    Finally got my Scout in this week! I took it to the range to get it sighted in as soon as it was in my hands. I had a bulk order of 168 gr Federal Gold Medal Match that was on its way, but it didn't get here the same day my gun did so I just bought some 150 gr Fusion ammo since that's all they...
  4. M1A Scout shooting high - even with RS and scope bottomed out. Help!

    The M14
    Hi all; My new walnut M1A Scout is shooting high by almost a foot at 100yds. Tried at 50yds before my friend brought his spotting scope and it wasn't even on paper. All shooting done at benchrest with a sandbag for support. Rear sight is bottomed out, as is the elevation on my...
  5. New M1a scout needs new red dot

    I have a new M1a Scout that needs a red dot. As this rifle has the ability to reach out and touch someone, I am looking for recommendations for a 3x or best all around red dot. I have read some here like the Vortex Striker. I dont know much about this sight. I have an Aimpoint on a SOCOM...
  6. Hello from Pennsylvania!

    New Member Introductions
    I've been an M1A owner for about a year now and have been to this forum several times but never explored it in depth. Also a member of the M1A forum where I have gotten some very good advice from time to time. No active duty service although I have 9 years NG time. 6 in the Mississippi Army NG...
  7. For Sale: Sold! - Springfield M1A Scout Synthetic Stock, Forward Rail, and Handguard

    I have the stock, forward scope mount, and handguard off of a Springfield M1A Scout. Everything is essentially like new as it was removed from the rifle only a couple weeks after buying it new. To sweeten the deal, I am also including a USGI black fiberglass hand guard. The USGI handguard is...
  8. Tac Ops Drag bag review

    Just got this baby in...$$$. Tactical Operations SMALL bag. I was concerned, being it said will hold a 42" rifle, Scout being 40.3" didnt know how padding would add up. Well, it fit..with room to spare! This is definitely top quality, plenty of padding and made in the USA. Comes with the...