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  1. Accuracy
    I just bought an M1A Tanker and would like to ask some help to know if the 180gr bullets will work well in a short barrel,i am from Brazil and i just have the options of 180 or 150 grains ammo. can some of the friends help me? Thanks a lot Diego
  2. Accuracy
    Hello everyone. The wife has been gone for a month and a half now hiking the Appalachian trail and needless to say, the good idea fairy has set up shop. We shoot team matches such as snipers unknown and the mammoth sniper challenge together. My geniuses idea is to run a M1a at the mammoth in...
  3. Accuracy
    Ok, I have a Springfield loaded m1a from around 1996. Ive been working on this rifle for almost a year now trying to get some consistent grouping out of it with little success. I have match conditioned it myself with help from a few books and this forum. No, I am not a professional gunsmith but...
1-3 of 3 Results