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  1. M16 AR15
    I've been working on this rifle for several months now. Started with a slab-side, non-FAD, 1975 Colt SP1, which came with an A2 buttstock (shown), an A2 grip (replaced with A1 shown), a black nylon 'silent sling' (replaced with M1 Garand-style OD cotton web sling shown), and a standard 20-round...
  2. M16 AR15
    AR-15 Mag blueprints. Anybody have these in .pdf, scanned .jpeg, .tiff or .png files? Or know where to get them? Thank you.
  3. Full Automatics
    Got in an argument over this but can't turn up a final answer- my memory is that at least some of the original M16s issued were green (olive drab) in color as opposed to black, possibly green while still designated as AR15s. Am I crazy or is my friend misinformed as usual? {Oops,, this came...
1-3 of 6 Results