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  1. History Enthusiast, Newbie, Tolkien fan

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm fairly new here, only ever forum I've been on was the Ak Files and even then I've yet to make an introductory post. Just picked up my M14S a few weeks ago, price was just right. I'm more a historic collector than a target shooter (maybe because I'm not very good at it) and I hoped...
  2. For Sale: Polytech M14S, Barreled Receiver, "IDE" side marked ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS***

    Polytech M14S, Barreled Receiver, "IDE" side marked, SN 08660, $650.00. I had this for sale about a year ago and took it down as I thought I was going to build it into another configuration, well, that didn't happen, so, my loss is your gain. Here it is again. Included with the barreled action...
  3. Whats the best?????

    The M14
    Sorry new here!!! this could be a stupid question? haha Whats the best norinco m305, polytech m14s, or springfield arms m1a I have heard many different things about all of them just wondering if you guys could help me choose one to buy thanks