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  1. Fajen stock and scout handguard for sale

    Now fajen heavy stock all metal included 200$ shipped and a m14ca scout handguard (for medium barrel) never used 175$ best way to reach me is text 2706685926 thanks Jarrett
  2. History Enthusiast, Newbie, Tolkien fan

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm fairly new here, only ever forum I've been on was the Ak Files and even then I've yet to make an introductory post. Just picked up my M14S a few weeks ago, price was just right. I'm more a historic collector than a target shooter (maybe because I'm not very good at it) and I hoped...
  3. SOLD! Boyd's M14/M1A stock for OEM Black synthetic M1A stock

    Greetings all, If you are reading this I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well. I have a new (old stock) M14/M1A laminate stock from Boyd's that I would like to swap, there are no other accessories included. I originally thought this was for a Garand but was mistaken. I would like...
  4. (3) M14/M1A magazines, two USGI and one unknown

    Greetings all, If you are reading this I hope you and your family are healthy and safe. I am selling 2 USGI mags and a mystery mag with no markings, the mystery mag is very robust and does not seem poorly manufactured. They are used but in great shape as you can tell from the pictures. I can...
  5. ‘85 M1A, GI parts & time capsule-sorta

    The M14
    Please feel free to tell me what I got and what I missed or anything else I need to look for. I need to work draw pressure, trim hand guard, polish piston, shim gas lock, and trim the stock ferrule. Looks like I’ll be hitting up TonyBen’s channel again... RNGR1 I had to clean it up quite a...
  6. Inbound ‘85 M1A/GI Fiberglass on DMRs?

    The M14
    Hey y’all, I bought this guy one GB and it should be coming this week. It comes with a Leupold 3-9 on an older G.G.&G. mount. SN shows about ‘85 production and I’m pretty excited to check her out. The ad stated NM barrel so I’m curious to see it. Did the Vietnam sniper rifles or more recent...
  7. Want To Buy: USGI flash hider nut pliers

    Want To Buy
    Classified WTB #6 When listing a Want To Buy, please include a maximum price as your budget to spend. Hi all, I've already broken a new set of castle nut pliers that I bought from Fulton Armory. I'm interested in buying genuine USGI pliers. I'm willing to pay for them because I've got an...
  8. That Escalated Quickly...

    The M14
    So I missed an auction on a 1983 (my born-on date) M1A Loaded for a great price because I had the time zones mixed up... that got me fired up so I jumped on the camo SM here on the forum because it’s awesome and I miss mine... Sold some more of my guns and came across an auction for an ‘85...
  9. M14 EBR: 5 Years of Ownership (VIDEO)

    Modern M14
    Hello everyone, I have finished a video that I made regarding a few common questions from this forum as well as any information that I thought was helpful for new buyers and owners alike. The original forum post is linked...
  10. Looking for Complete M14 Measured Drawings/Blueprints.

    Have been looking for COMPLETE measured drawings of every component to the M14. Have successfully drawn the receiver, bolt, barrel, plunger, and extractor in Fusion 360 (CAD) and would like to complete the entire rifle. I've looked everywhere and the only place I can find it is KeepShooting.com...
  11. Buying and Assembling m14 kit

    The M14
    http://www.e-sarcoinc.com/m14-starter-kit.aspx Here is the link that gave me the idea. I've thought about getting a Springfield m1a for a while now but then I saw this at half the price. Plus it says it is an m14 not an m1a so what parts of it are GI and how good is this bula forged receiver...
  12. SOCOM 16 STOCK , incompatibility

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Hey. Any one had that experience stock socom 16 CQB M1A is compatible on 22 and 18 inch barre models of M1A SA ? Does anyone knows where can I buy one ?
  13. $10000 custom m14 !!!

    Modern M14
    Hey everyone I would like to spend maximum $10000 ( without scope cost) on a custom rifle M14 style Please make a list of parts that you know from the best manufacturers such as barrels, receivers , stocks ...... I have a couple of M14 and M1A already . I want you guys opinions to build a...
  14. Forged vs cast receiver ???!!!!

    Modern M14
    Hey everyone Is that really matter to have a receiver forged or cast ? While you are shooting less than 15000 rounds with it ? While you're not using it in war condition In aluminium is a big difference but is there any big difference in steel ? Can someone help me here who's making forged...
  15. Another Poll and a discussion on Sopmod V2 changes

    Modern M14
    Alright the chassis material has been decided on. However that is only the beginning. Other than chassis material there are physical changes that will be made to the chassis. In terms of aesthetics only some of them will slightly change the appearance of the Sopmod V2 in comparison to the Troy...
  16. LRB ARMS - Send us your parts for a build

    LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  17. FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI $49.95

    LRB Arms
    FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI. In used/fair condition. Shows heavy service wear-dings, nicks, pitting on muzzle end. These are same parts LRB refurbishes and uses on rifle builds...$49.95

    LRB Arms
    Gunsmithing done right. Click here for pictures.
  19. Messy birch tiger stripe? Need some advice.

    Hi, folks! I am new to the forum and also new to the M14/M1A rifle. Recently I fall in love with the tiger stripe stock and wanted one badly. I went to the Fred's Treelinem14 ordered a 90% Tiger Birch in excellent condition and it arrived yesterday. Upon arrival the stock was dark and I can...
  20. For Sale: Springfield Armory (SAI) M1A, Highlander camo stock

    Springfield Armory M1A standard Used- like new. Exactly 100 rounds fired by myself during a single range outing. Comes with SAI Gen4 aluminum scope mount installed, and standard 10 rd magazine. I'll throw in a bipod too. SN range 365,6xx $1250 shipped to your FFL in the lower 48. Payments...