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  1. Pictures
    Hello! First time posting here, I am partaking in a project to produce a 3d Model M14. I have been searching for pictures on google but cannot find specifically what I am looking for. This appears to be an excellent community and I hope a few of you can help me out. Anything you can offer will...
  2. Bargains
    GunWorks of LA M14 Receivers are made from hammer forged 8620. All surfaces are CNC cut to the 1958 blue print last revised in 1975. We offer custom engraving of model designation markings and serial numbers. We custom engrave other symbolic patterns or names on special orders. Our grand...
  3. Want To Buy
    I want to buy: NM rear sight for a m14, and a nm flsh hider. I am open to trading. I have silver, usgi standard sight, also looking for m14 tools castel nut pliers, or hand gaurd pliers. Frank
  4. The M14
    Gentlemen, I've got a buddy who's got one of those dream jobs... he's working for the FED and has opportunity to handle a wide variety of weapons on a daily basis, from a couple of M1919s to modern rifles, and mostly everything we issued in between. He's not an armorer, and asked me about a...
  5. PX
    This Mount came with my SAI Scout Purchase. After reading the directions & this Forum, I bought a Bassett (discretion being the better part of valor...) GI3 Am asking $165 with shipping & Insurance included ( FEDEX ground.) I am new to the Forum, basing this price off of other PX posts...
  6. Gun Shows
    To all, Gun Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico: The New Mexico Gun Collectors Ass'n. is holding their late Spring/early Summer Gun Show at the Expo NM State Fairgrounds (in the Lujan buildings). It starts on Saturday the 4th through the 5th of June this year, I will be looking for any good/great...
1-6 of 6 Results