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  1. BULA/JSA Range Day Review

    The M14
    Guess I typed so much the first time that the "token expired" or some thing - and lost most of the review. Gonna try this AGAIN >:-/ Rifle received about 2 weeks ago. I disassembled it to inspect and clean it (in case any bits of machined metal might be anywhere. Wasn't too tough to take...
  2. Help with wandering groups w/ my Loaded M1A

    Ok, I have a Springfield loaded m1a from around 1996. Ive been working on this rifle for almost a year now trying to get some consistent grouping out of it with little success. I have match conditioned it myself with help from a few books and this forum. No, I am not a professional gunsmith but...
  3. New member from Canada

    New Member Introductions
    Afternoon All, I am a new member. I am from British Columbia Canada and after lots of lurking and research just bought my first chinese m14/m1a knockoff (polytech/Norinco m305). I served for 4 years as an infantry soldier before discharging in 2011 for another "service" career. I chose the m14...
  4. M14/M1A Questions

    The M14
    Hello all. I live in the great hot state of Florida and hunt in the state swamps around me. I also hunt in the Midwest, at a farm (long range 600-800 meters). I need a rifle that is going to be able to take the beating I am gong to give it in the swamp. My main concern is tripping in the swamp...
  5. M1A Super Match Difficult Accuracy Problem

    I purchased a new Springfield SM, stainless Dougles barrel, walnut stock a couple of years ago. Its been several trips back to the factory, to a master gunsmith that specialized in M14 match rifles and another trip to the factory at this time. Here is what has happened: Rifle shooting good...