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  1. First CMP Garand, bit rough but original barrel?

    Steel and Wood
    Hello, I finally got around to sending my CMP paperwork out three weeks ago forr a Field Grade M1 Garand and it arrived today. The heel say's Springfield Armory, and every part I can find on it that's stamped is stamped SA so that's pretty neat I think. The serial number puts it in the 1952...
  2. SOLD! Boyd's M14/M1A stock for OEM M1A black synthetic stock

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  3. 30-06 155gr HP COL

    Good Afternoon, Working on loading some 30-06 with IMR 4895 for my M1. I am using some Hornady 155gr HPBT match w/ cannelure. I just realized that cartridge isnt in my Hornday reloading data. What would be a good COL for this? Or more so a max/min?
  4. That Escalated Quickly...

    The M14
    So I missed an auction on a 1983 (my born-on date) M1A Loaded for a great price because I had the time zones mixed up... that got me fired up so I jumped on the camo SM here on the forum because it’s awesome and I miss mine... Sold some more of my guns and came across an auction for an ‘85...
  5. For Sale: HRA M1 Garand CMP rifle

    1955 Harrington and Richardson M1 CMP rifle ME 1 / TE 2 55 HRA barrel SA trigger group SA bolt HRA windage knob HRA op rod New wood , hand rubbed with BLO Will ship in CMP case $45 shipping CONUS (will ship UPS ground) $1100.00 USPS MO
  6. New BM-59!

    Steel and Wood
    I didn't even know this rifle existed until it caught my eye on Classic Firearms. And boy did it catch my eye! From what Ive learned the BM-59 was the final version of the M1 Garand and built by Beretta to help Italy transition to 7.62 NATO. It's basically a mag fed Garand in 7.62 with a...
  7. Hunting question

    The M14
    Hi guys! Long time no see! Sorry I've been away for so long but I'm back and I have a question to ask ya'll. I currently own a standard Springfield M1A, built in Oct 1979 and a CMP service grade issue Springfield M1 Garand, manufactured in May 1942. I plan on taking one of them hunting here. I...
  8. Want To Buy: Italian M1 Garand receiver, rifle--also German Sus bolt

    Want To Buy
    Want to do my final "big" M1 build, this one a super-cosmopolitan rifle. Can start with an Italian rifle or receiver, want a Sauer (SuS) bolt if possible... Have a S. Korean gas cylinder, will be using a very fancy commercial stock, want one part from each major manufacturer of stuff for the...
  9. Should I trade a Hawken 54 for a m1 Garand

    Steel and Wood
    Someone just offered to trade me his M1 Garand for my Hawken 45 cal muzzleloader both of our guns are in good shape is this a good trade financially?
  10. B.a.d. T1

    Battle Arms Development T1 tool. I would like to buy one if someone happens to have one. I have a nice rifle stock I would be will to trade for it if you are interested. You can pm me on here or [email protected] Frank
  11. Want To Buy: NM rear sight M14, NM flash hider

    Want To Buy
    I want to buy: NM rear sight for a m14, and a nm flsh hider. I am open to trading. I have silver, usgi standard sight, also looking for m14 tools castel nut pliers, or hand gaurd pliers. Frank
  12. Breda M1 Garand

    M1 Garand Accuracy
    Hello everyone! I just bought a Breda M1 Garand, I will post pictures soon once I get it cleaned up. From what I can tell it is mostly all original, everything bears the BMB or BMR stamps. With the exception of the bolt and charging handle, they are marked SA. I assume that is Springfield...
  13. m1 cleaning kit for m1a?

    The M14
    I am looking for a cleaning kit to go in my buttstock, and really like how the m10 tool disassembles to bolt inside the action so i want one with that tool instead of the normal combination tool. The dilema is brownells has the m1 garand cleaning kit but is out of stock for the m14 variant...
  14. New M1 Garand Stocks -- What are they worth?!

    Greetings, I have 2 M1 Garand Stocks that were issued to me at the Marine Barracks in Washington, DC over 20 years ago. Stocks still have the SA stamp on the side and the "Circle P" stamp on the grip. No gouges, cracks or scratches at all. These are new stocks that have never been put on a...
  15. Delete This Topic Please

    Steel and Wood
    No longer valid, see newer thread.
  16. For Sale: M1 Garand scabbard

    I have a 1942 M1 Garand leather scabbard. It was made for motorcycles, jeeps and yes, horses. It is marked "US J.o.M.D. 1942 J.B." No straps, Just the scabbard. Overall its is in very good to excellent condition. I have not cleaned it up as I didnt want to ruin the "patina". It has an olive drab...
  17. rifle for the apocalypse

    Broken Arrow
    Let's pretend that we have two 308(7.62 NATO) battle rifles (no optics). One M1 Garand and one semi-auto M14. Both are built perfectly to spec, and have flawless parts that interface impeccably. But wait, China, North Korea, Iran and Barak Obama have formed an unholy union contrived to replace...
  18. WTS - M1 Garand still in the cosmoline.

    I have a nice correct grade all matching numbers Springfield M1 rifle. 1955 model. $1100. Still in the cosmoline. Will ship UPS to FFL or can meet FTF if in Metro Atlanta, GA. Can send pics, pm me your email address. Call 404-643-5755 for Randy or PM me here. Thanks ! :ARM41: