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  1. PX
    Hey all, Priorities have changed a bit, and it’s time to thin the herd. Up for your consideration is a rifle built completely from parts sourced off this very forum. LRB M25 w/ 22” 1/10 chrome lined medium contour LRB barrel, and LRB bolt, all head spaced by LRB, Sage Navy Gray EBR chassis w/...
  2. PX
    I have a Troy Rock Sopmod M14 for sale with a LRB receiver. Of the 32-35 sopmods this is one of only two with a LRB receiver. With 28-30 of these being owned by Hollywood Studios makes this rifle the rarest of the Sopmod rifles. This rifle is in great condition with a 16'' Rock Creek 5R barrel...
  3. Want To Buy
    I would like to acquire a LRB receiver m14sa non lugged. I have a few items for trade. In Ohio FTF preferable. I do have an FFL if we can arrange something. I have the following for trade. keep in mind, i just need the receiver, barrel installed is fine.... I'm trying to return a favor of an...
  4. Want To Buy
    I am looking for a refinished Fiberglass stock. Want something in very good condition. Installed cheek riser, rubber SAI butt pad, and front rail mount are added benefits. Would prefer one of two options: 1: SAI Black USGI Wrinkle Finish 2: LRB Green Refinished Looking to pay up to $100
  5. Want To Buy
    EDIT: PURCHASED THIS FROM TED BROWN. THANKS TED! I'm looking for the Standard short rail for my LRB M25. PM me if you have one you would like to sell. I'd be willing to trade my upgraded long rail for your short one or buy yours direct for $100.
  6. LRB Arms
    After several months in production, we are happy to announce a limited inventory of McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks. These stocks are available for individual purchase, or to be used on a build. Remember, McMillan stock must be glass bedded. Click here for complete description.
  7. Modern M14
    Hey everyone I would like to spend maximum $10000 ( without scope cost) on a custom rifle M14 style Please make a list of parts that you know from the best manufacturers such as barrels, receivers , stocks ...... I have a couple of M14 and M1A already . I want you guys opinions to build a...
  8. LRB Arms
    We just received a limited quantity of Boyd's M14 Laminate Stocks and matching wood hand guards in both Salt & Pepper, and Laminate Nutmeg! These are from their final production run of laminate stocks, and are no longer being produced for the M14. Click here for more info.
  9. LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  10. LRB Arms
    FLASH SUPPRESSOR, Original USGI. In used/fair condition. Shows heavy service wear-dings, nicks, pitting on muzzle end. These are same parts LRB refurbishes and uses on rifle builds...$49.95
  11. LRB Arms
    Gunsmithing done right. Click here for pictures.
  12. LRB Arms
    M14 Gas Piston - New Manufacture - $18.00
  13. Modern M14
    Hello M14Forum! A longtime lurker is finally putting together his dream rifle. I call her "Vera"! She is an LRB M25 receiver matched to a 22" medium weight barrel that I assembled with a GI parts kit from Windy City Sourcing. I took her to the range last week for a test run, and everything...
  14. SPF
    Offered for sale is an LRB M25 rifle with TRW parts kit and less than 200 rounds through it. Build Details: * LRB M25 forged receiver, S/N 11281 * LRB standard weight (GI profile) chrome-lined barrel * LRB forged bolt Action was barreled and headspaced by LRB. TRW parts kit...
  15. PX
    So Im selling my lrb m14. I just don't shoot it enough to justify keeping it. It has about 400 rounds through it without one single malfunction. Runs like a sewing machine, dead reliable. I built it to be reliable and light weight. Comes in at 8lbs 8oz with nylon sling on my digital postage...
  16. The M14
    Planning an LRB build. Will be an EBR but that's beside the point. Since I live in NJ I have to jump through hoops when it comes to firearms. Now I've found 3-4 dealers that will transfer the weapon to me even though it is marked M-14SA when NJ specifically lists that M-14S is an illegal...
  17. The M14
    So I got me a little China Doll. IDE Polytech for 8 bills with 5 20rd mags (2 Korean NIW, 2 Chinese copies, and a junker from God knows where) and a 5 rd Springfield. Now I know about the "soft" bolt thing. These IDE's had better bolts, but the headspacing issues make shooting 308 commercial a...
  18. Want To Buy
    Found and bought one, Thanks!
  19. SPF
    Price Reduction M1A with LRB Arms Forged Receiver with USGI TRW Parts Kit National Matched M1A M1A Rifle LRB Arms 7.62MM M14SA Hammer Forged Receiver All USGI TRW Parts Kit This Receiver Was Dimensionally Inspected And Purchased From, And The Riifle Built By The Legendary Ted Brown of the...
  20. Modern M14
    Has anyone purchased LRB' Sage EBR stock? Is there anydownsize to going with LRB's setup vs a "stock" EBR? http://www.lrbarms.com/m14stocks.html Thanks
1-20 of 25 Results