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  1. M1A Loaded EBR Hammer Broke/Replaced

    Modern M14
    Thanks to Orlando I was able to replace my broken cast hammer on my M1A. Springfield honored the warranty but they wanted me to ship the trigger group to them. I figured it was better to keep my trigger and replace it with a GI hammer. Thanks to you all and Orlando, easy sauce.
  2. M1A Loaded EBR to M1A NM Stock?...

    The M14
    I’m gonna ask, though I might get slapped through my screen.... Do I dare relocate my Loaded M1A into a NM stock while keeping the EBR op rod block in place to help secure it? I realize I’ll have to notch out my NM stock but I’m wondering what kind of accuracy I’ll see out of it. Dare I say...
  3. Scoping my M1A

    Hi all, I am going to mount a SIG Tango 4 scope on my M1A loaded (Archangel Stock). The mount is a Springfield Armory 4th Gen Steel mount. Questions: What height rings? The Tango 4 has a 2" objective bell Should I consider QD rings/mount? Any information much appreciated. Bobby
  4. My new 'Loaded' M1A

    New Member Introductions
    About a month ago I finally bought an M1A, I've wanted one for about 25-30 years. Back then the $799 price tag scared me away. Wow, have things changed since then. This is the 'loaded' version and I love it!
  5. Just Bought NIB Super Match in McMillan Stock

    The M14
    Ok, With all the tinkering and fear of my Loaded not shooting like I want it to; I bid on a NIB Super Match SA9804 in McMillan stock. I got it at a lower price than those listed on Buds and similar websites and it is close enough for store pickup so there won't be shipping costs... What are...
  6. M1A loaded with goodies

    This guy seems to be in a rough spot, someone could get a good deal here. Loaded with wood and archangel stock and some mags. http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_7_134/1534596_Springfield_M1A_Loaded__Sold_locally_.html
  7. For Sale: Springfield loaded trigger group

    Good morning! I am selling the trigger group from my Springfield armory Loaded model. I had a member from the forum do a trigger job for me. I have all the original parts from the factory that will be included with the sale. the hammer was swapped with a NOS BR Italian hammer, and the SAI...
  8. Replacing barrel M1A Loaded

    I have an M1A loaded that needs to have its barrel replaced. I was hoping to switch to a scout-type shorter barrel. Would I have to buy a medium contour barrel? Or would the normal ones work?
  9. Loaded Or National Match For First M1A?

    The M14
    Sorry if this has been covered, but I tried the search function and didn't have any success. I'm about to take the plunge into M1A world. I'd like to get an out-of-the-box rifle that won't need much in the way of mods to be reliable or accurate, and won't break the bank (so an LRB is not...
  10. First (almost) finished m1a

    This is the first M1A that I have owned and i just thought i would share it with anyone who wants to see: Model: SA loaded Mount: Sadlak Airborne Scope: U.S. Optics 1.8-10x37mm (GAP Ret.) Stock: JAE-100 G3 Sling and Bipod: TBD (i have a 3-point sling that would just look tacky on this with the...
  11. Hello from Kansas!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Just got myself a SAI Loaded about two weeks ago. Got home with her, pulled her apart, cleaned out the grease, properly lubed her up and thought she was good to go. well, upon cycling it, it seemed.... gritty feeling... so i pulled her apart again, and took a close look at...
  12. Want To Buy: SAI National Match or Loaded rifle or Barreled Action

    Want To Buy
    Hi all! Looking to buy a well treated NM or loaded m1a. I'm going to put a McMillan and a scope mount of some kind on it anyways so if it already has either super, if not, lets see if we can work something out. Bereft college kid here who is selling other guns for space so I can only afford...
  13. Soon to be M1A owner needs your help!

    Modern M14
    Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for! I'm going to my gun shop and finally picking up my first M1A! I ordered a Springfield M1A Loaded MA9226 from Bud's (great price and service...so far). I got the black synthetic version because I plan on taking off the stock and dropping it into...
  14. Finish Quality on New SAI M1A. Your opinions please.

    The M14
    After bringing home a brand new Loaded SAI M1A, I was a little disappointed by the quality of the finish on the metal parts. I'm a little OCD with scratches and blemishes on my guns. I found 2 tiny ( and I mean tiny) spots where the parkerized finish was missing, exposing a metalic...