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  1. Modern M14
    Yes, you read the title correctly. Today, April 20th, 2019, I witnessed black magic. So I was shooting my SA M1A Loaded EBR in the prone at 100yds when, on the last shot out of the EBR for the day, I saw my extractor shoot straight up and out of the bolt onto the floor in front of me perfectly...
  2. SPF
    Howdy folks, Decided to sell my SAI "Loaded" model. I recently purchased a new vehicle, and since building my M1 Garand, my M1A basically collects dust (funny how an M1 will do that!). So, I'm selling the M1A to help offset the down payment on my new Tahoe. I am the original owner of this...
  3. Bargains
    http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_7_134/1541445_REDUCED_WTS_SA_Loaded_M1A_in_GI_stock_with_Hawk_Selector_Kit__1099_shipped.html You may be able to get him down some more if he hasnt already sold it. I hope that my posts in this section are good deals to you guys and not just me.
  4. The M14
    Hello All, In keeping with the tradition that you don't have it until there is a picture, here are two pics. One of her all taken apart for a good scrub and then reassembled on the bench, ready for the safe. She is a SAI Loaded with walnut stock. Rifle came in Thursday evening and I took...
  5. Modern M14
    I plan on putting the PMRI configuration on an SA Loaded Model. I would love to upgrade it to a heavy contour barrel sometime. *probably in .260 but thats for another time* Could I use the heavy stock and just purchase the medium op rod block in the mean time? I've also heard of 6 and 5...
  6. The M14
    I know that you should only disassemble the rifle about once a year or every 500 rounds. But for the past 12 years, I've had the habit of disassembling any gun I shoot after every trip to the range which is about once per week. Now I have a Loaded M1A which is not glass-bedded. So it won't do...
1-6 of 7 Results