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  1. For Sale: Leather M1907 G.I. style leather slings SALE 2 for $50.00 ppd.

    A limited time special on leather " to regulation" M1907 replica slings. I choose the markings/dates/etc. If you want to choose one or a premium series, well, that's another price. So this is another "2 for $50" inventory reduction/adjustment sale. Do this 2-3 times a year...
  2. Pairs of M1907 leather 1 1/4" slings, $50--cutting my inventory down!

    Inventory reduction was pretty successful and the sale is over for now. It's been about four months, so I guess this might be called "spring cleaning". That would be as opposed to "winter bail out"... Going to dispose of some extra slings that are becoming an inventory/space problem at the...
  3. For Sale: Pairs of World War II dated/style M1907 leather slings--I choose!!--two for $50.00 postpaid

    I have to reduce my inventory some. This is an "I Choose it" , a sale of sorts, of World War II dated REPLICA/Reproduction Model of 1907 leather slings of WORLD WAR II types and style. This means you get two slings that I CHOOSE, but from the known parameters illustrated here and on...
  4. INTERESTING!!! UNUSUAL!! Some oddments of leather M1907 slings, reproductions but usable and versatile!!

    These are way sturdier than 70-year-old specimens, and one can choose some rather unusual combinations for aesthetic purposes from these variants. ALL MAJOR ITEMS IN THIS THREAD ARE SOLD OUT. ONLY THE KEEPERS REMAIN AND I SELL THOSE ONLY WITH SLINGS. THESE UNITS ARE, HOWEVER, SOLD. I have...
  5. M1907 "fatigued" leather slings, RIA 1941

    These are sold out, pending funds. I have lots of M1907's, including a brass-hooked, unmarked one at this same price, if interested, but these fatigued jobs are all spoken for, pending funds, and this will be marked sold, probably by FRIDAY. I have LOTS of M1907's, and in fact over the...
  6. For Sale: U.S. M1907 and Martini/Enfield leather slings

    The tie-style Martini/Enfield/Lee Enfield slings are $18.50. Edit: Those are now gone, completely out. Have a wide variety of M1907 units, but the undyed (brass hooks) or "WWI" style unmarked, are a new item I just stumbled across, and the red/brown unmarked I have, also new...
  7. Leather Shoulder Holster for Glock

    I picked up a box of odds-n-ends, one of the nicest items in it was an Armadillo Leather Holster http://www.armadilloholsters.com/left-hand-tan-leather-horizontal-shoulder-holster-for-glock/ Left Hand draw (it is a cross draw, the holster sits under your left arm) Handmade, handmolded Leather...