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  1. Gun Rights
    Pennsylvania is on the verge of allowing semi-automatic rifles for hunting. HB 263 has been passed by the General Assembly and will hopefully be approves by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey yall im new to this forum, and have some questions about ca law and registering a handgun that has no paperwork other then a bill of sale. from two people before myself.
  3. Gun Rights
    In case you haven't seen there's a large number of bills that are coming up in California that will make many folks criminals for what they already own, require registration for semi-auto's and ammunition and other insane knee-jerk limitations that will not stop one criminal. Although perhaps...
  4. Gun Rights
    So I hear a lot of people pissing on called for gun control measures, and I agree that is the correct first response for gun owners. But the reality is that in the face of such tragedies if gun owners are going to preserve their rights they are going to have to be the people who shape the reform...
1-4 of 4 Results