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  1. New guy, New JRA M14, .308 Perfecta, and a Blown Primer

    The M14
    Hi all, First time M14 owner here (Not new to the M1 style action and controls though). I just purchased a James River Armory M14 from Classic Firearms and received it yesterday from my FFL. Needless to say, I was itching to go and shoot it. This morning I field stripped it and oiled it up some...
  2. LRB ARMS - Send us your parts for a build

    LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  3. New JRA M14F shooting great.

    The M14
    Had some feeding/magazine issues with my last M14F from JRA. But they agreed to replace it and the new one (nm medium weight bula forge barrel) is working just great. I finally got out to the range again and I was shooting just over 1 MOA kneeling and it functioned flawlessly. Plus the oprod...
  4. JRA feeding issue

    The M14
    So my JRA was not accepting 20 round CMI mags, I took it to the range and locked in a SAI 10rd mag that was working. I pulled on the charging handle to let it slam forward and the round off the top stripped but only half chambered. I took the mag out, pulled the round out and it seems the...
  5. Pulled the trigger on JRA

    The M14
    Just pulled the trigger on a JRA Rockola M14 for sale on classic firearms. Pretty stoked! GI3 Already have a Scout Squad so the 22 inch barrel seemed a better choice for me. Now I just need to move to an area with more space to shoot in than south Florida :ARM11:. Seems like everywhere in...
  6. New Bula Barrel and bolt

    For Sale: SOLD--SPF--New JRA-Bula Barrel, Chrome Lined, 19.5 inch, 1/10 twist--$225 New JRA-forged Bula Bolt w/roller, stripped--$175 Will sell the package for $350 Cross posted so timestamp rules apply. Paypal gift and I will pay the shipping. First, "I'll take it" followed by a pm wins...
  7. For Sale: Brand New JRA M21DMR Receiver and JRA Bolt

    listing this combo for $1000 shipped to your FFL