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  1. XM21 Iron Sight Possibilities?

    Modern M14
    I’m getting Leon’s XM21 in this week and am very interested in utilizing a gas-lock sight for backup iron with a low profile peep at the rear. Is this possible? How tall is the gas lock sight compared to the receiver picatinny? Any insight on this would be appreciated!!! Pic is Leon’s pic I...
  2. I apologize if this has been brought up before... M1A sight

    The M14
    Hey everyone, I've been searching for a while to no avail. I am trying to find an L-type flip rear aperture for my father's M1A scout. We both like the flip sights because of our experience with the M16 family. There are no optics mounted on three rifle, I'm really just looking for the range...
  3. Adjusting sights

    The M14
    Hello. I just got back from the range shooting my new National Match m1a. What a blast! I was definitely a head turner. Anyway, the only problem I had was trying to adjust the sights. For the front sight I loosened the the bolt and tried to move the sight with my fingers but for the life of...
  4. SOCOM II Iron Sight question

    Modern M14
    Just picked up my SOCOM II today and was going over it and getting acquainted with the controls. Out of the box the elevation knob turned freely, moving the peep sight up and down as expected, but the windage knob wouldn't turn at all. After searching around I found a suggestion to loosen the...
  5. M14 Iron Sight Guide

    M14 Iron Sight Guide This guide is a reference for all of the people that have questions about how to use sights, what sights they should or can use, and any other questions about sights. I have tried my best to answer any possible basic questions. If you have any questions, feel free to post...