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  1. Hello from ... CA!

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    Hello everyone. I was referred to this website from SnipersHide, and I'm very glad to have stumbled across this forum. I've been lurking for about a month or so, and now just registered after picking up my first (i already want other models) SAI M1A NM. The CA 10-day cool-down period was...
  2. Greetings from MA

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    Hello, I have lurked the forums for several weeks after picking up an M1A Scout. I have a ton of fun shooting it and recently picked up a Sadlak scope mount for it. Firearms have been a hobby of mine for several years. Like many of you I feel very strongly about them and cherish the time...
  3. introdution of my self

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    hello I am new user for this site, I like this site because its have an weapons enquiries. I have an interest in this criteria.