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  1. Want To Buy: Idf m1a

    Want To Buy
    Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening depending where you are in the world! I have restarted my search for another IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) M1A. Without or without the entire kit, the rifle is what matters to me. Just a reminder, the IDF M1As are the ones that have the IDF serial number and...
  2. Want To Buy: Israeli Defense Force M1A

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, there was some confusion with my last post, and no way for me to delete it. So here I go again. I am looking for an Israeli Defense Force stamped M1A, complete or just the reciever is fine. Depending on the price, I will pay a little extra for the IDF scope mount and scope.
  3. Want To Buy: IDF Stamped M1A

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, its been awhile since I have posted on here. I am currently a contractor in Afghanistan. I haven't really searched one out in the past because I didn't have the money. I am looking for an IDF stamped M1A, could be as little as the receiver - to full rifle. I have been poking around...