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  1. Want To Buy: Idf m1a

    Want To Buy
    Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening depending where you are in the world! I have restarted my search for another IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) M1A. Without or without the entire kit, the rifle is what matters to me. Just a reminder, the IDF M1As are the ones that have the IDF serial number and...
  2. New addition to the family! IDF M1A (Pic Semi Heavy)

    The M14
    Ok, I wont lie I am a little lost if I should post this in the Modern M1A or the Original M14 side, but here it is! My dream rifle has been an IDF M1A for a very long time... I heard about them a few years back and could never find one that I could afford. Thankfully in a world were jobs are...