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  1. Mauser M18, Setup for Barbary Sheep

    Bolt Action
    Just outfitted my new M18 300wm for some sheep. Purchasing tags in April and hitting the mountains with some fellas. We’ll see how it goes, first time for everything. Mauser M18 w/ Nikon 1000FX 25x... maybe adding a sling and then some range time tomorrow. She’s got a short 60 degree bolt...
  2. Hunting round equivalent to surplus?

    Huntin' & Fishin'
    Hi all, Been lurking and learning here for about 3+ years and finally have a question to ask. I typically use 147gr 7.62 NATO M80 surplus in my SA Scout, and it shoots just fine, about 1-2" groups at 100 yards. (I have some accuracy improvements to make, but that's for another topic.) I am...
  3. Hunting/Fishing Sub forum? Mods question

    Huntin' & Fishin'
    Mods, I was hoping/wondering if you guys would be interested in creating a hunting/fishing sub-forum. It seems like there's plenty of threads that involve these subjects and plenty of members here that hunt and fish. Another plus side is it's easier to find the threads on those subjects once...
  4. .35 Whelen hunting M1A Garand

    Hello all, I am planning on a special rifle project and I need some good advices by some of you experts. What I am basically trying to achieve is an M1A rifle chambering .35 Whelen to use it for hunting. Since this caliber is nothing more than a necked up .30-06 a Garand/BM59 receiver should...
  5. First Post & Specific Ammo Question

    Greetings and Happy Almost-4th! First post here (longtime lurker), so I'd just like to say how helpful this site often is - and how you guys seem like pretty good fellers. That intro being said, I'm trying to figure out a plan of attack for long-term usage of my M1A, and I have a question about...
  6. Hunting question

    The M14
    Hi guys! Long time no see! Sorry I've been away for so long but I'm back and I have a question to ask ya'll. I currently own a standard Springfield M1A, built in Oct 1979 and a CMP service grade issue Springfield M1 Garand, manufactured in May 1942. I plan on taking one of them hunting here. I...
  7. PA HB 263 - Semi-Automatic Rifles For Hunting

    Gun Rights
    Pennsylvania is on the verge of allowing semi-automatic rifles for hunting. HB 263 has been passed by the General Assembly and will hopefully be approves by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf...
  8. Additional M1A Stock Options

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone! I just bought my first rifle today an M1A scout squad with walnut stock. I'm absolutely pumped to go and shoot it, but I have a couple questions. 1. I'm not a hunter by trade but I am interested in going out for a deer with some buddies next season. When that time comes I was...
  9. Limited Magazine for hunting

    The M14
    So I searched this site for an answer to my questions about limiters and five round magazines and didn't find anything so I decided I would post my solution in case anyone else could benefit from it. In my state you cannot have a capacity of more than 6 (including one in the chamber) while...
  10. Eberlestock Dragonfly Widemouth

    Broken Arrow
    I don't know if this should go somewhere else but, seems packs are talked about in this area some so, I have been looking for this info everywhere with no luck... I want to get a pack for hunting, have been looking at Eberlestock, I have narrowed it down to a couple packs. One of them I am...
  11. Barnes TTSX hunting load elk/deer

    Pretty much a noob here, love shooting the m1a and have decided to try it out on a hunt. After doing some research I have decided to go with Barnes 168 ttsx for elk/deer in fairly wooded areas where 300 yards would be the longest shot I can imagine. I'll be shooting out of standard m1a. Have...
  12. For Sale: 5 round Mag - CMI

    For sale: CMI 5 round mag - gently used - perfect for hunting 22 shipped email: [email protected]