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  1. Leather Shoulder Holster for Glock

    I picked up a box of odds-n-ends, one of the nicest items in it was an Armadillo Leather Holster http://www.armadilloholsters.com/left-hand-tan-leather-horizontal-shoulder-holster-for-glock/ Left Hand draw (it is a cross draw, the holster sits under your left arm) Handmade, handmolded Leather...
  2. Safariland 1000 auto shoulder holster

    I just inherited a late 70s Safariland 1000 leather holster for Colt Govt. Can anyone give me the way of knowledge of how to fit the back band that comes around to the opposite shoulder? Thanks in advance.
  3. For Sale: 1911 parts, grips, holsters, glock...

    I have a few things that I would like to sell: All items are like new unless otherwise specified... Springfield Armory Ultra Compact Parts: Ultra thin grips with bushings and screws, $55 delivered. Has crossed cannons on a beautiful redish wood. Cut for ambi safety. Springfield Armory Ambi...