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  1. Gunsmithing
    Just picked up a 1903a3 in great shape. Took it home, doesn't close on a go gauge. It would close if you force it, it is very close (resistance is met about half way turning the bolt handle). Chambering a round (hxp, ppu, and federal hunting rounds) you feel slight resistance closing the...
  2. Gunsmithing
    Band new M1A scout, not one round through it yet. To make an embarrassing story short, due to inexperience, I released the bolt (wasn’t stripped either) and it slammed home on a forester field gauge and went into battery. How screwed am I? I know what I did wrong but only AFTERWARDS. I didn’t...
  3. Ammunition
    Hi, Have found just found this forum and have a question about the new M1A my son just bought. It came with a notation of the headspace being set at 1.631. To me this size is most suitable for the .308 Win round due to the required headspace for the .308 WIN round and that of the 7.62 Nato...
  4. Ammunition
    I have owned an SAI M1A for several years, shot it not too often, bought ammo off the shelf. I've fired most everything from .22s to Tank Guns. But I never got close to the bullet making end of things, until now. I got a good deal on a Hornady Auto Progressive (AP) Press, but bare bones. Bought...
  5. The M14
    So I'm planning to buy an SA M1A Loaded, and the dealer has 2 identical models in stock. One with a 1.631 headspace and one with a 1.632 headspace. I know those are extremely close and are both within spec, but which headspace is technically better? Isn't a smaller headspace better? Thanks, J
  6. The M14
    Okay so here is the problem. I recently got my first m-14 type rifle (Polytech M-14S all main components are stock chinese) and I'm worried about the headspace. The problem is it's too tight or at least seems to be. My bolt wont close with just finger pressure on .308(Remington, Federal) or...
1-7 of 7 Results