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  1. Want To Buy: M39 tan handguard

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a Sage Intl. tan handguard for my M39 build. Offering $60, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Disassembled brand new NM (bedded) rifle...quesitons

    Don't flame me here, but I always disassemble a new firearm to see how they're lubed prior to first firing them. Plus, I picked up a USGI slotted handguard that I wanted to try to fit, so I carefully broke down the rifle - it actually came apart very easily. I'd say the trigger group and...
  3. Want To Buy: Sage M39 BEK and handguard

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a BEK for my M39 build in NSG and a tan handguard. Any help is greatly appreciated! Max price $100. Not sure what these go for, so please feel free to make suggestions to get me to a realistic price.
  4. Finally made it out to the range

    I installed my Boyd’s wooden handguard awhile ago, but I was finally able to get out to the range today. It was a chilly day in Ohio so I knew I would have the range to myself and I was right, so I decided to take some glamour shots... pun intended GI5 I love the look of the matching handguard...
  5. For Sale: MI T series 10" quad rail and MILSPEC VLTOR EMOD butstock

    $60 for the rail. See it here: https://www.midwestindustriesinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=219 It was used on my primary so it is seriously used, hence the price (less than half of a new one). It was painted with cheapo krylon after I wore some nice scuffs in it from...
  6. Want To Buy: WTB M14 slotted handguard and H&R stock

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, I'm getting together some last parts I need for a beautiful all H&R build. I am looking for a nice vented handguard with no cracks and minimal scratches. I also need a nice H&R stock, preferably walnut. Please send PMs with pictures. Thank you! Lock and Load Steven
  7. Mini-14 style handguard for M1a

    The M14
    For some reason I've always loved the way the Mini-14 handguard looks and I would like to have one on my M1A. Does anybody know if something like this has ever been manufactured? To be more specific, I am talking about the handguard that is half-ventilated in the front and covers the op rod in...
  8. Want To Buy: Fulton Armory solid black handguard

    Want To Buy
    Tag Your Listing When posting a new thread, please select the appropiate type of listing from the drop down menu to the left of creating your Thread Title: For Sale For Trade Want To Buy SPF - Sold Pending Funds SOLD - Well, you get the picture... Committing to Buy When committing to buy an...
  9. Want To Buy: handguard for Springfield NM

    Want To Buy
    Plastic, fiberglass or?? Just as long as it fits correctly on the med heavy barrel of a national match rifle. No cob jobs please. I can try that myself...
  10. For Sale: Magpul Rifle Length MOE Handguard w/ Extra Rails

    I have a like new Magpul handguard for sale. I bought the handguard last month along with four extra rails and installed it onto my AR. I just received a YHM Free-Float quad rail as a gift from my brother, so I'm replacing it. The extra rails are: 1x 5 slot 1x 7 slot 2x 11 slot They can be...
  11. For Sale: Mossberg 500 Synthetic Stock and Handguard

    Mossberg 500 Synthetic Stock and Handguard, used once and kept in a box. The buttstock includes the mounting hardware. $30 Shipped to the lower 48. I accept Money Orders and Paypal (Gift). Message me if you're interested. Thanks!
  12. For Sale: Brand New GSG-5 Tri-Rail Handguard + Accessories $35

    I have a brand new Tri-Rail Handguard for sale. It comes with the Handguard, 5 Position Vertical Grip (brand new), 6 picatinny rail covers (brand new), and GSG handguard pin (brand new). $35 Shipped for everything. M.O. only please. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  13. For Sale: Brand New AR-15 Parts

    Trigger Guard with Roll Pin - $5 Shipped Pistol Grip - $5 Shipped A2 Stock with Buffer Tube, Spacer, Buffer, Spring, and Trap-Door Buttplate (I just installed it on my AR yesterday, still new) - $60 Shipped (Sold Pending Payment) Standard Length Handguard - $20 Shipped Money Orders only...
  14. For Sale: Brand New GSG-5 Handguard and Buttstock

    I'm looking to sell my brand new handguard and buttstock that came off of a brand new GSG-522 SD. The handguard has the allen screw that secures it in place and I'll throw in a HK takedown pin for the buttstock. $30 Shipped for each or $50 Shipped for both. FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER. Thanks!