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  1. For Sale: GSG-522 Lower and Cocking Tube/Front Sight $25 Shipped

    I have a brand new GSG-522 stripped lower and cocking tube/front sight for sale. Complete your 522 conversion! $12 shipped for either one. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  2. For Sale: Brand New GSG-5 Tri-Rail Handguard + Accessories $35

    I have a brand new Tri-Rail Handguard for sale. It comes with the Handguard, 5 Position Vertical Grip (brand new), 6 picatinny rail covers (brand new), and GSG handguard pin (brand new). $35 Shipped for everything. M.O. only please. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  3. For Sale: Brand New GSG-5 Handguard and Buttstock

    I'm looking to sell my brand new handguard and buttstock that came off of a brand new GSG-522 SD. The handguard has the allen screw that secures it in place and I'll throw in a HK takedown pin for the buttstock. $30 Shipped for each or $50 Shipped for both. FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER. Thanks!