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  1. Handguns
    ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED. THANKS. I've lost some messages somewhere. Someone here had asked me to notify them if/when I decided to dispose of my Star BM, which at the time I had no intention of doing. Well, it was a super-select piece I picked up and loaded for on the presumption I'd...
  2. Want To Buy
    Looking for left hand grips for the oldstyle TC Contender.
  3. BX
    (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) Greetings everyone, I am selling 2 pairs of SIG factory grips for the P229. I attempted to stipple one of the sets but was not pleased how it turned out (they are still able to be finished if you care to try your hand at it), it does not effect the grips function...
  4. BX
    I have a set of Crimson Trace LG 404 grips that fit compact 1911's like Kimber Ultra Carry and Colt and Springfield Armory Compact models. I have the grips, manual and tools but I do not have the box. The grips are in excellent/like new condition. $205 delivered. Email me with any questions @...
  5. BX
    I have a few things that I would like to sell: All items are like new unless otherwise specified... Springfield Armory Ultra Compact Parts: Ultra thin grips with bushings and screws, $55 delivered. Has crossed cannons on a beautiful redish wood. Cut for ambi safety. Springfield Armory Ambi...
1-5 of 5 Results