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  1. BX
    I have a like new Magpul handguard for sale. I bought the handguard last month along with four extra rails and installed it onto my AR. I just received a YHM Free-Float quad rail as a gift from my brother, so I'm replacing it. The extra rails are: 1x 5 slot 1x 7 slot 2x 11 slot They can be...
  2. BX
    Trigger Guard with Roll Pin - $5 Shipped Pistol Grip - $5 Shipped A2 Stock with Buffer Tube, Spacer, Buffer, Spring, and Trap-Door Buttplate (I just installed it on my AR yesterday, still new) - $60 Shipped (Sold Pending Payment) Standard Length Handguard - $20 Shipped Money Orders only...
1-2 of 3 Results