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  1. For Sale: Five (5) Glock factory minus connectors

    Five Glock factory minus connectors, sometimes called "3.5lb connectors" even though that's a misnomer. These are unused, they were taken off new guns purchased by an LE Department that should not have been buying minus connectors USN3 A set of 5 connectors for $60 shipped. I have 3 "sets" of...
  2. Getting rid of XD??

    Thinking about getting out of the XD game. I currently have 2 sub-compact, a standard size all in 9mm and a 5" tactical in 45. Tired of aftermarket support not being there. Problem is I am torn between going full glocktard, or sighead. Realizing it would take time to get back to my current stock...
  3. Glock Gen 5

    I did a search, but didn't see any threads on this subject posted yet. Official Link I like what I see. Thoughts? But...They need to make it in a round that isn't weak sauce...
  4. Leather Shoulder Holster for Glock

    I picked up a box of odds-n-ends, one of the nicest items in it was an Armadillo Leather Holster http://www.armadilloholsters.com/left-hand-tan-leather-horizontal-shoulder-holster-for-glock/ Left Hand draw (it is a cross draw, the holster sits under your left arm) Handmade, handmolded Leather...
  5. Glock sights

    I just picked up a second G19, and the previous owner replaced the OEM sights with some aftermarket sights that I hate. I want to replace the sights with night sights, and I am looking for recommendations.
  6. Glock Y/N ?

    I can't say I thought much of Glocks when they first came out, thought they were too blocky and had other quibbles, but now contemplating my handgun arsenal (such as it is), with all the different trigger pulls and safetys and even more different double and single actions and hammers and...
  7. For Sale: 1911 parts, grips, holsters, glock...

    I have a few things that I would like to sell: All items are like new unless otherwise specified... Springfield Armory Ultra Compact Parts: Ultra thin grips with bushings and screws, $55 delivered. Has crossed cannons on a beautiful redish wood. Cut for ambi safety. Springfield Armory Ambi...