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  1. First CMP Garand, bit rough but original barrel?

    Steel and Wood
    Hello, I finally got around to sending my CMP paperwork out three weeks ago forr a Field Grade M1 Garand and it arrived today. The heel say's Springfield Armory, and every part I can find on it that's stamped is stamped SA so that's pretty neat I think. The serial number puts it in the 1952...
  2. or Trade: International Harvester CMP M1 - mostly IHC - Nice!

    This is a service grade CMP M1 I've had for many years and it comes with the CMP certificate of authenticity and user manual. Serial number 4562204. This rifle is significantly correct. IHC parts include the receiver, op rod, bolt, windage and elevation knobs, gas plug, and stock. The barrel is...

    M1 Garand Accuracy
    People have asked, and I stumbled across more information this morning, while digging around for something else. Looks as if hard copies might be available quite soon. The color use is quite lavish, and I was very surprised how much I, myself, enjoyed it. Who knows? If I live another...
  4. Brass-hooked replica MILSCO 1942 slings, leather, M1907

    Pending funds arrival, these seem to be sold. FUNDS HAVE ARRIVED. I retain MILSCO 1942 with black hooks, including the brown-dyed. And I have the Rock Island 1941, also with blackened steel furniture. And some others. But the brass MILSCO 1942 appear to be sold out. There may be more of...
  5. .35 Whelen hunting M1A Garand

    Hello all, I am planning on a special rifle project and I need some good advices by some of you experts. What I am basically trying to achieve is an M1A rifle chambering .35 Whelen to use it for hunting. Since this caliber is nothing more than a necked up .30-06 a Garand/BM59 receiver should...
  6. For Sale: The very last of my PALADIN PUBLISHING M1 Garand book pairs!!

    Well, the run was almost twenty years, but Paladin Publishing is going belly up, and won't exist after the first of January, 2018. Got the letter yesterday. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/37412436525/in/photolist-Z11vX4-YGZ3iw-nHgPar-eURuLZ-9cPoye-7sF1TY Published in 1998 and...
  7. BM-59 Bayonet from Classic

    Steel and Wood
    So probably the best promo email I've ever received. Got an email promo that stated BM-59 Bayonet and was hooked when I saw the price. Now I have a Bayonet for my M1 Garand, M1A, AR-15 and BM59. DI5 Whatcha think!?!
  8. *Claimed*

    Pay It Forward
    I recently took the greatest battle implement ever devised to the range for some trigger time and have some once fired brass for who ever wants it. There is only about 60 pieces but I figured it should go to someone who can get some use out of it. $5 should cover the shipping, I will try and...
  9. For Sale: (*REDUCED*) '42 m1 Garand Springfield Armory

    Item Description: I am having to sell my M1, looking to send to a good home. Asking $1050 Obo I am willing to ship or travel in the local area, up to a reasonable distance. ***REDUCED PRICE*** $950 Here is what we've got... All parts are World War 2 and all Springfield Armory except the stock...
  10. Garand reassemble problem

    Steel and Wood
    I have a 'correct grade' Garand received from CMP. I have fired it once, cleaning and reassembling it. At a later time, I disassembled and oiled it. However, I can not complete the reassembly. Trigger guard resists closing. I have disassembled and reassembled several times with the same...
  11. For Sale: M1 Garand Navy Trophy Rifle 7.62X51 (.308)

    This is a Documented Navy Trophy Rifle, 7.62X51mm M1. This rifle is as it was purchased in 1988. The rifle was boxed by Crane Naval Depot in December 1984 and was awarded to a High Navy Shooter at NRA National Matches at Camp Perry in 1986. It has a SA receiver, bolt, op rod, and trigger...
  12. NEARLY match set up M1 Garand...

    My enthusiasm is gone. This comes with two barrels, .30/06 and .308. The one on it is a very high quality, recent service profile Citadel in .308. Just got it finish chamber/headspaced yesterday, and have decided to dump the project. NM rear sight aperture (NOT HALF MOA windage or narrow...
  13. For Sale: Upgraded M1 Garand barrel selection

    Have cobbled together a batch of new M1 Garand barrels, including latest Citadel upgrades, phosphate finished, in both .308 and .30 Caliber. $160 each shipped (I pay shipping) to the lower 48. They're 4 groove, 1 turn in 10", and far higher quality than the older versions. New ones are...
  14. Officially in..M1, me, and much more

    New Member Introductions
    I didn't even realize this hat-tipping forum was in here. I am the Jim Thompson who wrote the books, THE COMPLETE M1 GARAND and THE CLASSIC M1 GARAND. Left Arizona in 2003 to return to my home town in Wisconsin. First shot the M1 in '57 or '58 (and a B.A.R. the same day!!), bought my first...
  15. For Sale: M1 Garand WILSON in the white .308 barrels, GI contour

    Standard length and external configuration USGI. These are mostly in a matte/bead blasted grey "in thewhite" finish", 4140 Carbon steel. I have 1 turn in 10" (4 remaining) and 1 turn in 12" (4 remaining). These are WILSON ARMS units, no longer produced. $180.00 shipped. Short chambered...
  16. For Sale: New complete CMP Walnut Stock Set (Boyds walnut) - $150 shipped

    Hey Guys, Looking to sell or possibly trade this new CMP stock set that came with my HRA special. I took it off my rifle as soon as I received it. It fits Very Very tight on my action. I took many pictures in the shade and in the sun so you can see that it is in great shape. I have lots of...
  17. M1 Utica Cutlery Bayonet (PIC)

    I have for sale a rather ordinary "unmodified" M1 Utica Cutlery bayonet manufactured circa 1943. This bayonet may be mounted on either a M1 Garand or M1903 / M1903A3 rifle. I've cleaned and inspected this bayonet and believe it to be in good, serviceable condition. On the plus side... this...
  18. Delete This Topic Please

    Steel and Wood
    No longer valid, see newer thread.
  19. Take a Look at this Beauty

    Steel and Wood
    Picked up this Cal .30 M1, a Springfield Armory 1955 model, Collector's Grade from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. She's a real beauty. Here's a video: http://youtu.be/SmPO9tI0xoI?hd=1
  20. Misc. M1 and M1A Parts

    All items include first class USPS shipping unless you have personal preference. Priority will be an additional $5. (Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture of it.) Must post an "I'll take it" followed by a PM. Thanks. Post War M1 Garand Trigger Housing. Will include trigger guard...